In my last post I talked about the fun we’ve found in Santa Barbara, CA – there is also lots to explore on the Central Coast in Cambria, California!  We go to Cambria on an annual basis for a family reunion, a tradition that started in the late 90s and has more recently included our children.  It is a great launch pad for Paso Robles wine tasting or other exploration in the region.  We have done several wine tours with our home base in Cambria.  Now that we have kids, we appreciate the hands on science and scenery that this little town and beach have to offer.


Taken on local hike along the coast

The town itself is very charming, with plenty of bakeries, quick service food options, and wine shops – the Main Street Grill is always a must-do stop for our family for lunch to catch up over great burgers and fries (be advised, its cash only).  A must-do on every visit is the walk along Moonstone Beach, with tidepools for exploring and lots of hands on science! Besides sea urchins, crabs, barnacles and more reef life, you can often see seals close up on the rocks, and occasionally some otters! Up on the boardwalk, squirrels and rabbits run in front of you, and of course there’s plenty of kelp along the sand.  It’s a beautiful walk and always a peaceful respite from daily life!


So much cool stuff to explore in the tide pools!


Sand drawing – X marks the spot!


Those are seals looking at us! 

As far as lodging goes, we always stayed at the San Simeon Pines until it changed ownership and the prices rose – but they have definitely done a lot of renovations and it may be worth checking out (Ocean Point Ranch) We had a great experience at Cambria Pines Lodge, which is up on the hill and older, but offers a hot breakfast with your stay, and we had a great dinner in the on site restaurant. The pool, spa, and ability to hike into town were great!

Cambria is definitely a recommended stop on your California coastal travels!  Lots to explore and great people to meet!

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