NYC Part 2 – Exploring the City

As mentioned, I was fortunate to take an unplanned visit to New York City with Mr. CT on his business trip, and at the same time do a lot of my own exploration!  While I’d been there before, this trip was my first in awhile and I really feel I got to soak it all in – it’s truly an amazing city that captured my heart! I highly recommend it for everyone’s bucket list!

For my remaining time in the city, I spent a lot of time walking up through the Upper West side, which even in the rainy weather was just lovely – and cutting back through more areas of the incredible Central Park.  As I said previously, I just love how this tranquil gorgeous area is in the middle of such a large city.


The Lovely Upper West Side 


Such a beautiful fall in Central Park 


Can’t get enough of this place! 


I did play tourist a bit, making my first visit to the top of Rockefeller Center, aka “Top of the Rock” – there were no lines at all, which made it a fantastic experience!  Again in spite of the rainy weather, the views were still amazing. It’s a great way to take in all of the NYC skyline and appreciate everything throughout the city.  As a bonus, the famous Rockefeller Center Christmas tree had been delivered and was starting to go up – which is quite a project! The ice rink was open as well, and it was fun to watch skaters kick off their holiday season in full spirit.


Up goes the huge Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center!


Panoramic Shot Looking North – Top of the Rock 



Panoramic Shot Looking South – Top of the Rock 


The second hotel of our stay was the Four Points by Sheraton – Chelsea Market, which was  basic but clean and convenient accommodation a little bit lower in Manhattan. We were fortunate to get a high floor with great views of Freedom Tower and the Financial District. It was a great base camp for my exploration throughout the Chelsea area, including the High Line, a fun walk way with manicured plants and gardens above the city. Chelsea Market itself is a treasure, with tons of local vendors for anything and everything you could ask for, including wine and chocolate! Yum!


Shot of the High Line 


The Amazing Chelsea Market


Chelsea Market Waterfall


So much yummy goodness

The lovely Greenwich Village is adjacent to Chelsea, which is such a charming walking area and makes you feel like you are back in a movie.  Of course, it is home to the apartment facade from the TV show Friends, as well as Carrie Bradshaw’s Place from Sex in the City, so there’s a reason it feels Hollywood – except it’s the real deal! 🙂  From there, I took the subway down to the Staten Island Ferry. Not many cities have a FREE boat ride out into the harbor offering amazing skyline views, as well as a close up look at the majestic Statue of Liberty.  No matter your budget, everyone who visits New York can take in the city life and scenery with this experience.


Lovely Greenwich Village


Looking for Rachel & Monica 🙂 


Freedom Tower & Skyline from Staten Island Ferry


Lady Liberty

I ended my stay with a walk through some local facilities, including the neighborhood Trader Joes market, as well as Madison Park and the Flat Iron Building.  All in all, I have to say how lovely the New Yorkers were as a people. While it is a fast paced style of life with many honky taxis and rushing pedestrians, if in need of help the locals were happy to provide it.  Their accents, charm, humor and honesty are refreshing, and definitely go against any negative stereotypes!  They are a strong people (as evidenced by all they’ve been through with 9/11 and other challenges)  and their home is one well worth visiting! Contact  me if you need any help planning your trip to the New York area! 🙂  


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