A local treasure and nice spot for So Cal Visitors: Children’s Museum of La Habra

Over the past seven years of parenthood, I’ve visited many kids attractions throughout the Southern California area and beyond. I thought I had hit most of them – the beaches, the zoos, the science centers – but last Friday we went to one I hadn’t yet seen and thought it was worth a short blog shout out.  The Children’s Museum of La Habra is just a short drive from Disneyland and other Southern California attractions. It has been around for many years, although it has closed/changed locations over time. With the tip of a friend about a Groupon, my preschooler and I visited with friends for just $5 each, and she had a blast!


Preschooler having a blast with hands-on fun


We spent several hours and she could have kept going! This little museum is a maze of rooms of fun – dress up.  trains, paleontology, a tree house, a full stage where you can put on a show, a STEAM learning room, a Natural History room, a changing exhibit, and even a small carousel!  The small toy gift shop was actually a lot of fun, as it featured all the “classic” toys for reasonable prices.  I loved the temporary exhibit on China, and how it tried to bring China and Chinese life in for the kids. As a lover of travel, if you don’t have the resources or ability to travel the world, it’s great then you can sample it in your own backyard! They even had a place for kids to cook traditional Chinese food and put on traditional Chinese dress!  It was awesome!


Awesome exhibit on life in China!


Who doesn’t love a treehouse


Toy Grocery Store for the littles 


I highlight this place both for my traveling friends and clients who are visiting the So Cal area with kids and looking for other small excursions during their stay – it’s a great value, and in my opinion a somewhat hidden gem in the So Cal scene for kids!

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