Travel planning with kids – and a DL Update!

We are in the busy stages of home life with school, extra curricular activities and local trips to Disney!  In the mean time, we are looking forward to our Spring Break trip to France!  As I’ve stated, it’s a full planning process. We have been reflecting on our last visit to Paris which was now just about 10 years ago, before the children came along, and how different life was then!  We have buckled down on planning our itinerary, with specific dates and times for the Eiffel Tower, Versailles, Champagne, and the Louvre. We also have two days planned at Disneyland Paris, which is right by where we’ll be staying at the Marriott Vacation Villas.  We hope to enjoy some time out in the beautiful countryside and at local parks and attractions as well!  Ideas are still welcome! 🙂


Notre Dame is definitely on our list! 


Our last trip in 2008 was very different without kids! 


As far as local travels go, our kids have really been enjoying the Lunar New Year festivities at Disney’s California Adventure.  The park features booths with authentic foods from Vietnam, Korea, and China, as well as both alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. They are so tasty!  The entertainment is also beautiful, with dancers, musicians, characters, and a parade.  The face painting and merchandise are lots of fun as well. When traveling to some countries isn’t immediately in the cards, it’s nice when culture and experiences can be brought to you (even if it isn’t the same thing!)  Do you have ways you like to “travel” locally, or experience different places and cultures without hopping on a plane?


Yummy eats and Plum Wine cocktail from Korea! 


Lunar New Year Celebration

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