Snow in So Cal – Even in March! A Fun Outing at San Jacinto State Park and the Top of Palm Springs Aerial Tram

We have had a very dry winter in Southern California this year… unseasonably warm, even for us, and very little rain.  After last year’s El Nino fall, it’s been a little weird! However, colder weather has settled in later than normal, hitting us with a few showers and cooler temps in early March.  We took advantage of this occurrence to head up to look for some snow at San Jacinto State Park! The top of the Palm Springs Aerial Tram!


View from the top of the tram! 

Palm Springs is a well known desert vacation destination, boasting great pools, restaurants and hotels. But if you go out to Highway 111 and head up on the aerial tram, you’re in for a whole new ecosystem and climate!  They’ve redone the tram since I last rode it many years ago – it now spins slowly offering all its passengers a gorgeous 360 degree view on the way up the mountain, which ends at 8500 feet!  If you’re roasting down below during the summer, this is a very attractive repireve. At the top, you get gorgeous views, a restaurant, gift shop, bar, and lounge area, and of course lots of hiking and nature trails (many hikers and backpackers launch trips from here),  incredible scenic views, and if you’re lucky some snow!


Waterfall down below! 


Great views!


Snow play area!


Snow Play Fun! 

While snow fall was still way below average and light for the year, we had fun playing in the powder that was there and walking through nature. Our daughter wasn’t feeling well, but she still rallied so the rest of us could play.  Whether it’s summer or winter, the Palm Springs Aerial Tram is on my recommended list in Southern California travels!  Even if you aren’t up for the altitude, down below there’s a very pretty waterfall and pleasant outside seating where you can walk, enjoy some coffee, and watch the trams come in and out on a very remarkable system that works well and keeps people safe. If you’re interested in planning a vacation to the Palm Springs or So Cal area, contact me today! 🙂

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