Texas and Oklahoma – Enjoying New States in “Middle America” :-)

Earlier this week, I had the privilege of attending the Toy Story Land preview for Walt Disney World in Houston, TX.  Afterwards, I had some office and financial business to attend to with my co-owner who resides in Oklahoma City, where the office is based. Consequently,  I got the experience of driving through Texas as well as Oklahoma – a new state for me to check off!  It was a lot of fun!


Good Morning Houston!  Love seeing a sunrise! 

First of all, I had a short but fun stay at the JW Marriott Westheimer.  I made use of the location with a quick walk to Target after I arrived, which is always a fun way to check out the local scene 🙂   While the room itself and check-in experience were fine,  I really enjoyed the roof-top indoor/outdoor pool, gym and staff at the bar/lounge downstairs!  They were awesome!  I wish I had more time to relax at the pool, but got a quick workout and swim in before I had to check out in the morning, and everything was clean, well stocked and refreshing!


Room at the JW Westheimer 


Indoor-Outdoor Rooftop Pool is Super Cool!


Once on the road, we made a pit stop between Houston and Dallas at Bucc-ee’s.  This was a great “classic Texas” road stop for food and gas, where I loved the Texas Pride in everything from the restrooms to the food offerings to the kids’ merchandise!  And Bucc-ee himself is an adorable mascot! 😉   The brisket we got here was legitimately tasty, and they had so many beef jerky options my husband was salivating! Definitely somewhere I’d recommend for a sampling of true Texas goodness and hospitality!




Love the kids merchandise – Go Texas!


Love that they post the minimum wage! 



Across the Oklahoma border, the landscape is definitely distinct and I really felt like singing the theme song from the musical!  In a lot of joking and jest, we stopped at one of the many “Scenic Turnouts” – which my co-owner/Oklahoma resident said were not terribly scenic at all and a running joke among locals.  Still, it was fun to see some true Oklahoma land, wind mill and all!  I was so impressed with how friendly everyone is in the Sooner State, at every restaurant and local stop.   In California people are often stressed and pressed for time, but in Oklahoma everyone was very warm and accommodating!  I loved having Bahama Buck’s Shaved Ice – as a fan of Hawaii and Shaved Ice, this was a treat to learn it had inspired the start of a business in Lubbock, TX that had spread throughout the Mid-West! I also loved seeing the local neighborhoods and Oklahoma City’s downtown from the road!  Even the airport was new, updated and full of friendly souls. It was a quick trip, but from local friends and visitors, I know there’s a lot more to see there and it’s worth a trip back!


Oooooklahoma where the wind runs free.. 


Oklahoma Scenic Turnout


Bahama Buck’s! What a treat! 


Oklahoma City Downtown!

Don’t count out Middle America or any of “Fly-Over Country” on your travels –  it’s an awesome experience and one that’s way too often over looked!  Lots of love and learning in these states, with amazing people to meet as well! 🙂


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