Pixar Fest Has Arrived at Disneyland Resort! :-) Contact Me to Plan Your Stay!

Taking a brief break from France and Paris reporting to focus on some exciting new activities at Disneyland Resort!  Coming back to the park after going to beautiful Disneyland Paris felt truly like coming home… and there’s a new summer party going on here I’d love to share with you!  I originally posted this on Disneyland Inside Out, but if you’re interested in planning a visit to Disneyland please contact me.  It’s my happy place and it’s a fun time to go! 🙂

Pixar Fest has officially arrived! Between the monorail makeovers, decor, characters and food items it’s quite a party! Of course, the big hit so far is the entertainment – the Pixar Play Parade is going down Main Street in Disneyland, and Paint the Night is making a splash at DCA.  The Pixar Fireworks are also a hit with some awesome projections we’ll be sharing, though the wind the last week has made it hit or miss for them to go!  On June 23 with the opening of Pixar Pier in DCA, a new Incredibles 2 float will join Paint the Night, and the Pixar celebration will officially be in full swing.

On the Disneyland side, we really love the new Inside Out and Up! floats in the Pixar Play Parade. Russell riding on Kevin the bird is especially awesome!  🙂  Joy and Sadness make a fun team and addition! And best of all we love the Pixar lamp leading the parade as a fitting tribute!


Love the new Up! float

We weren’t sure what we’d think of Paint the Night in CA Adventure, but we found it actually fits in quite well there  – maybe even better- than it did on Main Street.  They have cut some scenes in order to make it Pixar exclusive, and I think the Incredibles float will be a welcome addition to extend its length/complexity, but nobody can resist the music or magical fun of this parade.  We tried the Sonoma Terrace viewing package and it was very fun! The food plates were generous (we even took home a To Go basket), the wine and cocktail options were good, and the service was great. It was appreciated that they keep the area in front of the Terrace clear so that the view is truly unobstructed.  However, there are plenty of great spots at DCA to see the parade at front and center! 🙂


Menu at Sonoma Terrace Paint the Night Package


Kids Loved Their Front Row seats! Glad this is back! 


Mack is the man! 

We are excited to experience lots more of Pixar Fest this summer! If considering a visit, we highly encourage to check out our friends at Magical Partners Travel to help you plan an awesome stay! 🙂

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