Lamplight Lounge – a New Hotspot at DCA (and a look at The Office!)

While we are a little late to the party, we were thrilled to finally get to check out the new Lamplight Lounge at DCA this weekend, which replaced Ariel’s Grotto.  A tribute to Pixar and designed after the Pixar offices with plenty of memorabilia and fan artifacts, this gastro-pub type of venue is a popular place to dine and relax while escaping the craziness of the parks.  The views of Paradise Bay outside are lovely, and it’s sure to become an even bigger draw once World of Color returns.  The menu is mostly finger foods and basic fare, but the delicious lobster nachos and some other highlights remain. We loved the sushi and pork wings, while the kids liked the sliders.  The cocktail menu is creative and out of this world, boasting many signature and creative hits that would take many visits to sample!  All the ones our group tried were delicious!


One of the art pieces in the Lamplight Lobby 


Cool hanging sketches above the stairway 


Iconic floor in the entryway


Cocktail time! 


Lobster nachos and sushi, oh my! 

Let’s talk more about the theming of the Lounge… the main areas and restroom are all tributes to various Pixar films, featuring quotes, characters, and best of all sketches and actual memorabilia from Pixar artists, animators and staff.  It’s fun to look around the room and figure out where things come from, and what movie they represent.


Love the Up! Restrooms Sign! 


Awesome wall decor 


Lots of Pixar movie quotes! 


Incredible bathrooms! 


Main room filled with artifacts

Perhaps the biggest treat of all that came unexpectedly during our visit was the fact that our party was selected to sit in The Office, an exclusive themed private room at the back of the restaurant.  When we checked in, we were told that they had a treat for us but didn’t think much of it (we were a party of 10 initially FWIW, but were downgraded to 8, including 3 kids) – we were nervous about the kids being bored in a “bar” environment without much to do. On the contrary, our kids were thrilled when we were led to the back of the restaurant and they got to open a ‘secret’ door by spinning a wheel to light up 3 bulbs and unlock it.  Inside, lo and behold, was an awesome “office” filled with original sketches and artwork by Pixar animators (including Lasseter and others), a huge booth, and even board games like chess and checkers hanging on the wall that you can take down for use at the private kids table. However, the fun didn’t stop there – a private “dock” balcony is adjacent to the Office, where your party can sip drinks and watch the go from a private view of Paradise Bay – needless to say, the kids were in heaven, far from bored, and spent most of their time here!  The room was an awesome place to chat without the noise of the restaurant, and the perfect venue for our group, Allegedly you are chosen randomly for this special spot, though I’m sure many will request it!


In heaven watching Incredicoaster from private dock


Love the lamp-lights in The Office! 


Games and a seating area! 


Some celebrity sketches! 


Even pieces to play the games! 🙂 


So much talent! 

While we miss the Princess Dining option for our kids and young friends, Lamplight Lounge is definitely a nice addition to the Pier with great theming, fun food, and some special surprises as well! 🙂  It books up early, so make your reservations 60 days in advance or have your travel agent at Magical Partners Travel help you! 🙂




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