Club Level at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel – A Treat for Adults and Kids!

We like to Staycation 1-2x a year at a Disneyland Hotel property… last year we had a great time at the Grand Californian Hotel, which is a fun spot for families and so convenient to the parks! Early in the year, we enjoyed the Club Level experience at the magical Disneyland Hotel.  We decided for the kids’ birthdays, why not combine them and try the revered Veranda Club at the Grand – especially since all the rooms and the club itself have been remodeled?


The beautiful Veranda lounge 


Newly named The Veranda 

The price point for Club Level is definitely high, and it was definitely a splurge for us – but wow what a treat!  The Veranda is by far the most luxurious of the Disney Hotel Clubs in Anaheim, sporting a selection of fancy food offerings, from morning til night, not to mention all day cocktails, starting with mimosas in the morning and ending with cordials during the fireworks!  Non alcoholic sodas, water, iced tea, coffee (including an espresso machine), cocoa and more are included throughout the day as well.  Breakfast  (630-1030 most mornings) has pastries, deviled eggs and meat, along with some fun additions like a doughnut bar for the kids.  Mimosas and Pink Flamingos are the popular cocktails during this time, though the coffee is amazing and fine on its own 😉   During High Tea (1030-430) , finger sandwiches of all types are available, along with chips and dip, veggies, lunch meats, cheese, and more.   Other finger foods and snacks are also always accessible, including kid friendly goldfish and chex mix. During the dinner hour, the theme changes – we saw Asian cuisine (including a chef serving fresh made won ton soup with various toppings and options), Middle-Eastern, Meditteranean, traditional fare like corn dogs.At night before the fireworks, homemade hot cocoa is available with all kinds of  delicious toppings  Of course, there are always desserts no matter what time of day – cookies, cakes, and various options to try. At night is when the good stuff comes out, including different chocolate colored strawberries, dark chocolate tortes, macaroons, and more delicious goodness – plus iced cold milk is available to go with those cookies. 🙂   The wine selection is very nice – definitely a step above the “cheap stuff” – featuring Flora Springs, real French champagne, Sterling, Kunde, and other nice Napa area vineyards.  The whole lounge is indeed themed with Napa in mind, even featuring a scentless Napa rose on each table as a centerpiece – scentless to not interfere with the vineyards! 🙂


Tea time! 


Fancy wine selection! 


Lots of food and drink offerings! 


Time for dessert! 

Beyond the awesome food and snack choices, the ambience of the lounge is relaxing and a nice respite from the parks. The staff is very kind and attentive.  An open balcony is attached, and at night they open up the windows so that all can enjoy the views out over Downtown Disney and to the tops of Disneyland park.  Better yet, the view of the fireworks is quite nice here, and the music is piped in – get there early if you want to get a good seat on the patio, and enjoy a glass of fine wine with tasty treats while you take in the magic!


Beautiful fireworks view!  With music! 

One of the best thing about the lounge that surprised us was the luxury treats for kid s- we went in one night to get dessert before bed, and discovered Pluto there doing storytime in his pajamas! Our 5 year old was in heaven, as she got to play games like hide and seek (having Pluto look for you is the best – better yet is seeing his tail stick out under neat a table!)  and sing songs with him before posing for photos. He was there from 8-830 PM and this was so fun for the small group of kids that were in there to get the personal attention.


What a treat! Playtime with Pluto! 

One note about the club is that it’s on the sixth floor, as are all the Club Level rooms out of convenience. However. the hotel is quite spread out so you may have a bit of a walk to get there despite sharing the same floor. Also, some of the view options are not available on the sixth floor – including Downtown Disney views and direct theme park views in the Grizzly River Run Rec area, as there is no sixth floor in these buildings of the hotel.

Nonetheless, we had a great time during our Club Level stay, especially since we were able to combine it with other Disney Travel Agent colleagues/friends and their families! We did not have to buy any food except for our splurge character breakfast, the lounge took care of all our food and drink needs and definitely saved us some money in this department despite the extra cost .   I would definitely recommend it for your stay as a comfort and convenience – geographically to the parks and for your food budget! 🙂



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