Big Bear – a Mountain Getaway in So Cal!

Living in Southern California, we often struggle with the lack of seasons… case in point, it’s September 9th and topped 100 degrees today, with no color change on the leaves or any seasonal ambience in sight.  However, we are very fortunate in that we can get to the beach in less than an hour (see our awesome Newport stay this summer here), or going the other directions hit the mountains in 1-1.5 hours!  We enjoyed a weekend away at 7000 feet, taking in cooler temps, nature walks, pine cones, ad more… and if we go back in a few months, we could get some great snow play even in sunny warm So Cal!


Beautiful Meadow for exploring or snow play in winter! 


Lovely backyard scenery 

Thanks to Air BnB, we got a great rental home near Big Bear Lake .. The Meadow View Home!  The kids loved the spacious backyard – not just for the hot tub, which was great for bathing them 🙂  and would be fantastic in cold temperatures, but for the open space of meadow where they could walk, explore, and even make a nature log.  This would be an ideal spot to go when the snow comes, offering flat plains and safe snow play with a hot tub and warm accommodations nearby!  The kids also loved walking the neighborhood, exploring the nearby lake and playing at (one of many) local parks/playgrounds.


Deck with hot tub 


Out for a nature walk! 


Putting together a nature book! 

There is tons to do in Big Bear… a local zoo (showing off bears and snow leopards!), an adorable town with everything from a candy shop to beef jerky, tons of snow play areas for both skiing and sledding/tubing during the winter months, and of course the large lake which serves as a swimming and boating area during the summer and an icy spot of scenery during the winter.    Fishing and kayaking are also popular in the area!


Big Bear Lake! 


Glimpses of fall in So Cal! 

Big Bear is also a great launching point for the local hikes in the area, with easy access to San Bernardino, San Gorgonio, Baldy, and more. It’s also a good prep point to sleep at elevation before any longer hikes or backpacking trips.   If you need some nature and true outdoors during your So Cal trip, Big Bear is a place to visit! 🙂



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