Beyond the parks: Mini-Golf, Blizzard Beach Water Park, and more!

Have you played mini-golf or hit the water parks at Walt Disney World? What did you think?  Contact me to plan your stay! 

On our recent 10-day trip to Walt Disney World, we took it as a chance to relax and enjoy the Resort atmosphere, and also decided to try some new things we hadn’t had a chance to do as a family!  There is SO much to do at Walt Disney World beyond the theme parks!  Fishing, sports and recreation, dining, shopping, parasailing – and even water parks and mini-golf!  Our family had a blast trying out both mini-golf courses during our stay, and also loved playing at Blizzard Beach Water Park!  

We started out with the Fantasia Gardens  & Fairways mini-golf course, which is located right behind the Swan & Dolphin Resort, within easy walking distance of the Yacht & Beach Club and Boardwalk Inn Resorts, as well as Epcot/Hollywood Studios.  We chose to do the Gardens course, which is more traditional mini-golf and family oriented, whereas the Fairways is actually a challenging course with more traditional golf aspects.  The kids got a real kick out of all of the effects on the course, from the music, to the animated figures, to the spraying water!   It was a good old fashioned family time and is great for an activity on a day off from the theme parks.  Later in our stay, the kids also had a blast over at Winter Summerland, where they tried out BOTH the summer and winter mini-golf courses.  These are newer than the Fantasia Gardens, and many in the family liked them a bit better (although our son is an avid Fantasia Gardens fan).

Fantasia Gardens was a fantastic family outing! 

Right next door to the Winter Summerland mini golf course is one of Disney World’s two water parks, Blizzard Beach!  It was on our 8 year-old’s bucket list to visit here, and it truly ended up being one of the highlights of his trip.  Our 5 year-old, who is a bit on the shorter side, also had a blast and was still able to do the vast majority of the slides.  We conquered everything – including the famous Summit Plummet, which I got stuck doing with my brave son going 50 mph down a steep incline.  The family favorite was the 6 person raft-ride  Teamboat Springs , which we were able to do with the grandparents as well.     This was a really well-themed water park and we were honestly impressed with it far beyond our expectations.  The chairlifts to the higher slides are super fun and so creative!   I am bummed we didn’t discover it sooner!  The theme of winter/ski-slopes meet summer pools/slides is extremely creative, and they did a great job of balancing the thrills with the family fun.  We hope to hit up the older Typhoon Lagoon on our next family visit.

Blizzard Beach is a beautifully-themed water park!  

Have you played mini-golf or hit the water parks at Walt Disney World? What did you think?  Contact me to plan your stay! 

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