Disney Princess Breakfast Adventure – Our Favorite Dining Experience to Date!

Last weekend, we had the pleasure of experiencing the (fairly) new Disney Princess Breakfast Adventure at the Grand California Hotel’s Napa Rose.  Our love of the Napa Rose is no secret, but we admit we had sticker shock when this princess experience was announced  ($125/person, adult or child) and had no plans of doing it any time soon. However, with our daughter turning six, we decided to make that her “party” (family and otherwise) and main gift as well, and splurged on the experience.  It was an intimate, delicious and incredible time that far exceeded other character dining we have done for the same price out in Florida.

The breakfast adventure begins with a waiting period in the lounge, where a live musician plays favorite princess songs from the various movies, and there is a fun tic tac toe game for the kids on the tables. Each kid received an autograph book and pen.  Adults were all served a complimentary (well included in the price 😉 ) glass of champagne that followed us to the table. We were seated quickly.

Music, games, and treats, oh my!

Our server, Eric, was absolutely fantastic.  The chef was awesome too, as we have gluten-allergies in the family and he went over the entire menu, and brought out customized versions and special treats for those with the allergies.  The food started with an appetizer tower – all foods themed to different princesses – and then led into a buffet of all kind of brunch delicacies.  Finally, a dessert tower arrived – again all themed to different princesses.  We had fun sampling it all!  The cocktail menu was also a lot of fun, and the drinks were tasty. Our daughter also loved her princess mocktail, Ariel’s Grotto Grog, which came in a pretty cup.

What fun drinks and treats!  

Of course, while the food and service were incredible, the best part was the princesses! This was a very intimate character experience. Normally, one can feel rushed and anxious to get their photos, or worry about being skipped or over-run when trying to meet their favorite characters. In this experience, princesses lingered and conversed at every table. We got to see Jasmine, Rapunzel, and Sleeping Beauty.  They were phenomenal, even engaging and joking with our nine year-old son who thought he’d be too cool for the experience, and getting a smile out of him! Our daughter was beside herself at the magic of it all.  They even returned later to the table, spending casual time with her looking out the window and discussing her birthday. It was super special!

Such a fun time chatting with princesses! 

Better yet, even after our 1.5 hour eating experience, the adventure continued! Our daughter and son were both presented with special gifts – she a necklace, and he a sword and shield – to end their dining experience.  We then went outside where we got to hear storytelling by Pocahontas (the princess out here rotates)  and pose for special photos. Our adventure ended with a private room photo shoot with Mulan, who was spectacular like her peers in the dining area.   This princess also rotates (we saw Ariel in there earlier in the day)… and better yet, the professional photos were included with our dining!

Gifts, storytime, and family warrior poses – life is good! 

My husband has done Cinderella’s Royal Table at Walt Disney World with our daughter, and while he said that was a lot of fun to eat in the castle, it paled in comparison to the intimate experience, quality of food, and all that was included at the Napa Rose adventure.  While you have to often get reservations at CRT months and months in advance and pre-pay, there is no problem getting a reservation at the Disneyland experience.  Finally, far more is included (books, gifts, photo pass)  and the food is far superior at Disneyland.  I think the price point scares people away and many don’t know about this experience, but I would highly recommend it as part of your Disneyland stay if you have a princess fan!

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