Andalusian Court – A Great Getaway That’s Also Social-Distancing Friendly!

As we all know, traveling looks a bit different – if at all existent – during COVID-19. I wrote blogs about some options to explore or travel safely during COVID. Last week, my husband I wanted to get out of the house for our anniversary, and so we decided to return to a place we’ve gone before and enjoyed – The Andalusian Court out in Palm Springs. This is an adult-only hotel with fully equipped villas, private hot tubs, and a small shared pool that couldn’t have been more perfect for a safe social-distancing getaway during a pandemic!

We were able to check in without any contact whatsoever, as the villa gate (we love Villa #3 because of its completely private entry both to the front and to the pool, as well as extended private patio areas) and front door both had keypads and we were given the code ahead of time. Inside the room itself was a COVID waiver about any symptoms or known contact with infected individuals that we dropped in a mailbox. The villa was fully equipped with its own a/c unit as well so it was reassuring to know it was about as “clean” as could be. The villa itself is spacious and comfortable with updated amenities and appliances.The Andalusian Court did continue to provide daily maid service and toiletries, but we had to vacate the villa before they did so (we gladly do that anyway ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

While restaurants were open for dining in Palm Springs, we opted to stick with Door Dash/Uber Eats delivery options, which offered contact free drop off from all local restaurants at the villa gate. It was wonderful to have our own hot tub and patio with dining areas in a beautiful setting with lots of foliage, and we were fortunate to have moderate temperatures (for Palm Springs ๐Ÿ™‚ ) during our stay as well. There were other guests at the pool, but plenty of room for social distancing and a quiet and relaxing stay. With our phones off and escaping the craziness of 2020 for awhile, it felt almost “normal!” If you need a getaway in the So Cal area, I’d highly recommend the Andalusian Court at anytime – but even more so for a safe option during a pandemic!

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