It’s the most spooky time of the year… Halloweentime at Disneyland has become a huge attraction for tourists of all ages and especially the locals.  Between Mickey’s Halloween Party 3 nights a week (that always sells out) with special fireworks, Haunted Mansion Holiday, Space Mountain – Ghost Galaxy, and all the incredible decorations, this has become perhaps the most popular time to visit the parks, competing only with Christmas break.  While many used to think of Fall Break as the great off season visitation time, it now tops summer as one of the peak crowd times at the Disneyland Resort.   So… what’s worth seeing this year at Disneyland for Halloween?


Downtown Disney has some great fall decor and pumpkin trees!

Haunted Mansion Holiday is always worth a visit early in the morning, or via the use of Max Pass or Fast Pass.  We always love seeing the subtle new additions Jack Skellington adds this year, especially the novelty of the Gingerbread House in the dining room – this year, the spider effect is especially great!  We also love the singing pumpkins, Oogie Boogie at the exit, and of course the Jack elevator scene – which even sports a Hidden Mickey!

Jack has been busy inside and out the Mansion and around New Orleans Square!

Our son tried Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy for the first time this year – it’s not my favorite and is a bit kitchy and superficial compared to many of Disneyland’s attraction makeovers, but if you’re in for a spooky fix and something different, it’s worth a ride. We did not try Guardians of the Galaxy After Dark in DCA, which actually sports an entirely different ride and experience with Rocket for those willing to visit after sundown.

Outside of the amazing Disneyland decorations on Main Street, the giant pumpkin, the hub carved pumpkins, and the Day of the Dead display in Frontierland (ok I have a lot of favorites), the absolute knock out job is Cars Land Haul-O-Ween.  Seeing all of the cars in their cute costumes, the amount of detail put into decorating all of Radiator Springs, and the little touches such as special music on Mater and themed posters make this a treat. Definitely stop by Cars Land for some photos when you visit DCA this season! The Headless Horseman is another spooky addition to Buena Vista street (especially at night, yikes!) and the characters in their various costumes are nothing but adorable.

Cruz and Mater are adorable in their costumes!  Cars Land is full of festive Halloween fun… and the Headless Horseman leads Buena Vista Street in a spooky way! 🙂 

Best of all, plenty of Halloween treats and merchandise are available in the shops for sampling and shopping!  Lots of things have already sold out 🙂   We always make it a point to visit the Resort at least once during Halloween season, and I’d encourage you to do so too! I’d love to help you plan your stay!  

One thought on “Disneyland at Halloween!

  1. Love all your photos, the photos do Disneyland justice. It feels as if I am walking in the park during the Halloween season.

    I also wrote a post about the delicious halloween treats in the park. I would love it if you took a look. Do not mean to sound like I am advertising at all, I simply want to share my tips with you. Again, I love your post a lot!


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