Trip Planning and Packing… Thoughts on Paris Prep with Kiddos!

So we have a few fun plans for 2018… some small weekend trips, hopefully a trip to our beloved Maui this summer, but our big “adventure” trip of the year is to Paris this spring!  It is our first big international trip, first time leaving the continent with kids – I am excited but admittedly a bit nervous! We LOVE Paris, I have been twice, once with my folks (who are going with us this time, yay grandparents!)  and once with Mr. CT before we had kiddos back in 2008. We absolutely loved the city, one of our top 10 visited in our lives, and are excited to take the kids. We are super stoked to have our own villa accommodations, the ability to visit Disneyland Paris again, and cook up some of our own local food!  We would love to hear trip planning tips from all Paris alumni with kids!


All my son cares about is going to the top of the Eiffel Tower!

Before we visit a place, we try to learn about it and teach the kids something about it first. We have gotten them French Coloring Books to take along, listened to French Language CD’s in the car to/from school, and are studying like mad the best tips and deals for seeing the city with kiddos. We also hope to do some day trips to Versailles and Champagne, something new for us!   My favorite part of visiting new places is interacting with the people and the culture as much as possible, so I can’t wait for my kids to explore the city with their own eyes and do their thing!  I also love having the real local cuisine, especially in France, my mouth is watering already!


Great books for kids in Paris! 

Definitely welcome to all packing and planning tips that you may have! 😉

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