Sierras with Kids – Winter Update!

Last fall, I told you all about our fun weekend up in the California Sierras with the kiddos, and all of the great activities to do there. Last weekend, exactly 6 months later, we returned to the beautiful Creekside Inn – this time with snow on the mountains!  We had another wonderful stay with great hospitality at this quaint Bishop hotel, complete with nightly cookies and daily hot breakfast.  You can’t beat that it’s right next to the Eric Schat’s Dutch Bakery!  While it was a little chilly to swim, the hot tub as a welcome relief and we also loved listening to the babbling creek outside our patio.  It’s a very spacious room and was awesome for the four of us, as this time Mr. CT was also staying with us!

Beautiful scenery and Dutch Bakery goodness were right in our backyard!  

We enjoyed some of the same great spots as our September visit, including the beautiful park in Independence and the delicious Holy Smoke BBQ.  We also made it back up to Mammoth – but this time in lieu of a gondola ride and outdoor activities,  there was TONS of snow to play in!   The kids had an absolute blast making snow angels, while standing literally waist-high in the fluffy fun!

Snow! So, so much snow!  

What made this particular trip to Bishop so spectacular was the fact you had all the elements of spring – sunshine and nicer weather, GORGEOUS flowers and trees in bloom all over (thanks to this year’s California precipitation), but still with plenty of glistening snow to admire as well! It was a true picture of a change in the seasons – both which bring different aspects of beauty and enjoyment!  Have you been to the Sierras with kids?  Share your experiences!

Lizards, creeks, and amazing spring coming forth from the snow!  

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