Disney Wonder Cruise Tour – and some sweet Disney Promos for early 2018!

Today was an awesome day – I got to tour the Disney Wonder while she was in port at San Diego with a great group of Travel Agents!  I have been on the Disney Dream (photos here) for a cruise in 2016, but it was great to see the Wonder in a local port. I can’t wait to take my family on a Disney Cruise next year! In any case, as I’ve been writing about, San Diego is awesome… more on our hotel stay last night and our great dinner in Little Italy soon! 😉  I can’t get enough of that city!  However, the ship tour was great, and I took lots of photos that you can view here.


Ready to visit the Disney Wonder!


My favorite part of Disney Cruises – Disney Songs on the Ship Horn (and the announcement intercom!) 


The Wonder is the (edited) SECOND ship in the Disney Fleet but got a lot of upgrades during her dry dock earlier this year – there are some great new areas, including Tiana’s Place, a fun restaurant unique to the Wonder in the dining rotation with a Southern bayou menu and live music!   The Animator’s Palate on the Wonder is of the traditional style where the walls and paintings start out black and white, then change to color throughout dinner (On the Disney Dream , they are all color but the Dream features Turtle Talk with Crush).  They’ve also added an awesome feature where Guests can color and design pictures during dinner, and they are featured on display on the walls, even followed up with Animator’s Credits! So cool! Other enhancements to the Wonder include the updated lounges, which are now a much more modern and clean feel.


The Beautiful Animator’s Palate! 


Also of note are all the decorations and features for Halloweentime at Sea – there’s a special spooky tree in the atrium that each night kids can “plant seeds” inside. In the morning, the tree has sprouted pumpkins on its branches from those seeds!  There’s also a costume night and Trick Or Treating one night of each cruise, and some of the kids were decked out and looked adorable! There’s an adults costume contest as well and we saw plenty getting in on the fun when they boarded, including group T-shirts and family themes!


Love the Magical Spooky Tree


Halloween is here!

The whole ship has a very personal touch to it that just feels true classic Disney – as a Disneyland fanatic and lover of all things “Walt” style, I was really drawn to this ship. Many Guests tell me that they prefer the smaller ships, the Wonder and the Magic (which I’ve had 90% of clients tell me is their favorite) because of that less crowded and true Disney feel.  However, the Dream and the Fantasy are awesome and have their own perks as well in the Aqua Duck and Virtual Portholes!  In any case, the Disney Cruise market is a special one that is well worth pursuing with family, or even without kids – the adult areas are some of the best I’ve seen – 30% of cruisers don’t even have a kid on board!  Disney knows magic, and they’ve been successful and bringing it to the cruise industry. If looking for a quick getaway, or a way to explore Europe, the Caribbean, or other cruise-worthy destinations, a Disney Cruise may be the way to go – or better yet, just take one where you don’t have to get off and can enjoy the ship for its own splendor! 🙂


The Roy and Walt Disney Twin Suites are Amazing and Book Up the day they open! 


Love the Aisle Logo in Walt Disney Theatre


The new Frozen Piece of Oceaneer’s Club is reminiscent of the WDW Attraction!

Oh yes! Disney Promos – there are currently several great deals available from Walt Disney World and Aulani for early 2018 travel.  Disneyland should be releasing their deals soon.  When it comes to a Disney Cruise,  the rule still holds that booking early is better – with only 4 ships, there are still few sales and the pricing does often go up as time goes on, so if you’re interested, put down that deposit today! 🙂  We can’t wait for our next one, that’s for sure!  Contact me if you’re interested! 



3 thoughts on “Disney Wonder Cruise Tour – and some sweet Disney Promos for early 2018!

  1. I love the Disney Wonder! We got to sail on it before it was reimagined. We went from San Diego to Vancouver. I eventually want to sail on it again and go on an Alaskan cruise, even though I live in Alaska! 🙂 I did see one thing I think needs correcting.. I believe it is the 2nd ship of the fleet.


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